plants, classes, tools, amendments

Get what you need for your organic mountain garden

edible, waterwise, native, pollinator, medicinal, and permaculture friendly plants

Healthy, sustainable landscapes filled with plants that feed people and provide habitat for our two and six legged friends.

Plants & Seeds

Our favorite plants and seeds that we use in our own gardens. Also find tools and amendments.

Classes & Events

Learn with us and connect with other gardeners. Hands on workshops and digital options.

Garden Design

Visit our sister company, FSF, for garden design and installation. Edible and waterwise gardens.

Soil & Tree Health

Visit our sister company, Ground Up, for compost tea for healthy trees and landscapes

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Snag your FREE Mountain Garden Starter Guide

Plan, grow, and harvest your dream backyard kitchen garden in the Rocky Mountains with our best tips!

  • Set Up: how does your existing (or planned) stack up to the components we find help mediate our challenging growing conditions?

  • Planting and Harvest Calendar: not your standard “zone 4 planting calendar.” This one is specific to Eagle County’s erratic spring and fall weather and includes harvest and succession sowing tips.

  • Essential Skills: learn tips to help transform your garden from meh to magnificent!

  • Action Plan: Use the fillable and printable pages to develop your garden plan today for more abundant harvests this year!

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